Saturday, 25 October 2014

What on earth is going on in Ottawa? Why would the mayor and police chief run to the Muslim community to reassure them they are liked? Canada was attacked by an Islamist terrorist, and we don't need to apologize for anything. Rather where are the Muslim leaders condemning this vicious act, and apologizing to Canada? The so-called moderates never condemn their "radical" brothers. Actions speak louder than words, but in this case inaction says it all.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Here is a letter I have written to various media in Calgary. I am concerned that well intentioned people, are not being diligent in  their efforts to help the thousands of flood victims in Alberta.
I'm afraid I haven't been diligent in keeping this blog current, but sometimes something very important dictates that I get off my butt and say something. If you appreciate this please ask your friends to check out this blog.

News Department/Editor
I have a very serious concern about all of the fundraising for the Alberta Flood Relief. No, I am not against helping the unfortunate victims, but I am against feeding greed.

For whatever reason everyone wanting to donate to the Flood Relief Effort has been directed to the Red Cross, and therein lies my concern. A number of years ago we lost a trailer in the Pine Lake tornado. Many people we know made donations to the Red Cross Pine Lake project at that time thinking it would directly help  the Pine Lake victims. We, as well as the majority of people received zero help from the Red Cross. When we inquired, we were told that the Red Cross only meets emergency needs. They may supply shelter, food and clothing on an emergency needs basis. All of the people involved had homes elsewhere, and apart from some emergency shelter for that night didn't qualify for assistance. Most of the funds collected in the name of Pine Lake Relief went into the Red Cross general fund.

We tried to do some research after that, but the Red Cross is very guarded, and selective in their speech. Unless the Red Cross have changed their policies, I suspect that the Alberta Flood Relief fund is merely another fundraising opportunity to channel more money into their general fund. The Stampede made a very generous donation, and plans are in the works to hold concerts where the proceeds go to the Flood Relief. Before any additional donation money is given to the Red Cross, a written commitment needs to be obtained guaranteeing that all of the proceeds will be distributed among the flood victims, and not on an emergency only basis as the emergency has passed, and people need funding help to rebuild their lives. They also need to publish a financial statement for the Alberta Relief Fund, showing how much was donated and collected by the Red Cross for this project, and detailed disbursements of the funds.

There are many people in Alberta who have lost homes, businesses, cars and jobs. Alberta has a reputation for being generous and caring for their neighbors and friends, and I suspect that most, if not all expect that the money will go to helping the victims rebuild. We could probably never raise enough to restore everyone to their pre-flood condition, but at least it can help. If the Red Cross can't or wont give the guarantees, and use the funds in a way we expect, then a trust fund should be created and administered in a transparent way.

I am not waging a campaign against the Red Cross, I simply want to ensure the real victims get genuine and practical support. I can't in all conscience give money that won't do what is represented. I will help, as I can, the unfortunate ones who have lost considerable with little or no protection through insurance.

Dennis Cross

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Farce Continues

The Great Canadian Farce, often referred to as the 2011 Canadian Election, continues. The more information that is revealed about the NDP's plan to hijack the PM's office the more sobering it is. My initial response was to laugh at the many jokes about the Quebec voters stupidity. They after all didn't even know anything about the candidates for whom they voted. Let's be honest. This was a vote against the Bloc Quebecois who hadn't given them what they wanted. They would vote for whoever promised to deliver and Jumpin' Jack portrayed himself as their messiah.

This is an embarrassing testimony of the regulations governing Canadian elections. Regardless of whether you believe the Quebec voters are stupid, uninformed, or simply naive, there should be an expectation of basic candidate quality. All voters should feel violated by the NDP. They allowed their greed, and hunger for power to override good judgement. Every candidate should definitely know their respective riding, live in the riding, and have a certain level of qualification. After all we are giving them a salary of $150, 000 per year. What job can any of us apply for at that level of salary without proving our qualification. What has happened is Quebec in an insult to the Canadian Taxpayer.

While the Bloc appeared to be the big loser, the biggest loser in this election was definitely the Canadian Taxpayer.

Friday, 6 May 2011

The Election Is Over

Right - the election is over and some things never change, but there is good news and bad news!

The good news is that Canada has a majority Government that can hopefully get some work done.

In that regard I encourage PM Harper to really analyze the results and finally realize that the conservative party will never get support from Quebec no matter how much you suck up. Jumpin' Jack went in and told them everything they wanted to hear and received their support. Heck, some of their candidates were on vacation, and most of them are still wet behind the ears. It doesn't matter that none of it made sense. Please Mr Harper just do what is best for all of Canada. Try it for a couple of years while you don't have to worry about opposition. The opposition will be a gong show in itself with all of the new "vacationing" NDP representatives. Jumpin' Jack will be too busy apologizing for his members' stupid comments and trying to explain sovereignty within Canada to be much of a threat against passing good and needed legislation.

Many have suggested that the good news from the election result is that Quebec has finally seen the light and voted for a Federalist Party. NOT - Anyone who truly believes that Quebec has seen the light is truly delusional, and I have some wonderful land in the Florida's Swamp that I would like you to see. Old cliche - Yes but so too is the Quebec Issue. Quebec laws bear witness to their non-acceptance of Canadian membership. Everything they do has to be different from the rest of Canada, and they truly DO NOT WANT THE SAME TREATMENT. Try to understand?!

When I was in marketing for a large international company, we would conduct annual meetings to map the marketing strategy for Canada. After everything was complete, and members were starting to look forward to returning home to their families, the Quecbec contingent would always interrupt with:
"Now what do we do for Quebec"?

They expect to be treated differently...and better than the rest. If Canada were a family, Quebec would be the spoiled child.

Anyway, Stephen, don't worry about them - let Jumpin' Jack take care of them!

We in the west think we should be able to live and work without worrying who is going to be coming after our hard earned money.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Back Home

My wife and I have been out of the country for a number of months - okay we are snowbirds. Upon returning, I find nothing has changed. Yes we are in an election, but what is different? We have Michael the Un-Archangel,, Jumping Jack leighton and, and - sorry I forgot his name for a minute - Stephen Harper. What in the world is goinng on!!! Jumping Jack is promoting a number of Obama policies that actually will ring in the Obama demise, Ignatief is - well  what can I add to this. He really is a non-entity, and Mr Harper is still trying to remain invisible.

I am sure that Canadians everywhere will disagree and express their original opinions - whoops I forgot we are Canadians and don't really think and express!!!

My Cowtown

Why Cowtown

I have started this Blog because I am frustrated with regular media. I live in Calgary, Alberta and following the November municipal elections I was disturbed by the immediate comments of the Mayor Elect. He cast a negative impression of my beloved Calgary, and I wrote what I thought was a fair response to his comments and the press wouldn't publish it. There fore I will start this blog with the following editorial that couldn't/wouldn't be published by the mainstream press. Here is the article:

Open Letter to Mr. Nenshi
I feel, Mr. Nenshi that you need to reflect on the reality of this election and hopefully adjust your attitude. You were quoted as saying that this election "showed the world that Calgary is not the same old Cowtown".  Excuse me Mr. Mayor–to-be, but this really is a disturbing comment on the first day after the election. You were actually elected by a minority or Calgarians. If either of the other two candidates had withdrawn, you would have run a very poor second, but you will be the Mayor and as such you must still represent ALL of Calgarians fairly. This means supporting our western heritage and culture. Many of us here like our “Cowtown” image and certainly don’t see any negatives in it. It represents our heritage, and having seen our Canadian heritage whittled away by past governments it needs to be encouraged with vigor. I would suggest that the first thing you should do is go and buy yourself a white cowboy hat, the symbol for Calgary, wear it proudly, and encourage all Calgarians to take part in every activity that promotes our western heritage, and indeed show the world that nothing is going to change. That would at least give the majority of us some peace of mind. Forget what the world thinks, you are to represent CALGARY.      

After you read this you will understand the reason for the Blog name of "My Cowtown"

As I go forward I will be expressing my feelings and frustrations about all government in general, and I hope you will contribute your own opinions. It is time public figures listened to the people for whom they work.

My Cowtown